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Christina Ciara P.

My Coaching Services & Programs

Faithpreneur Empowerment Coaching Program

The Faithpreneur Empowerment Coaching Program is a personalized 1:1 coaching experience designed specifically for women of faith who are entrepreneurs seeking to walk confidently in their purpose. If you find yourself struggling with spiritual warfare in both your personal and business life, this program is tailored to meet your needs. Over the course of four 1-hour sessions, we will delve into the challenges you face within your business and life, and together, we will create strategic solutions to help you overcome these obstacles. By inviting the Father and the Holy Spirit into our sessions, we will seek divine guidance and receive powerful strategies and blueprints for your success. Throughout the program, you will gain the necessary tools to effectively combat spiritual warfare and confidently walk in your God-given purpose.

Armored Program

The Armored Program is a comprehensive 30-day journey designed to empower women to confidently walk in their anointing and fulfill their God-given purpose. Participants will receive daily powerful videos, engage in bi-weekly Zoom calls, complete battlework tasks, and join a supportive community. They will also gain valuable tools such as assessments, self-deliverance sessions, deliverance and prayer binders, and access to bonus resources like the Unleash Blueprint, Unleash Vault, 1:1 strategy sessions, and Voxer communication. By equipping themselves with spiritual warfare strategies, participants can break free from fear, doubt, and overwhelm, step into their anointing, and live a prosperous and powerful life.

Unleash Blueprint

The Unleash Blueprint, a powerful program designed to equip and empower women to become spiritual warriors and defeat the kingdom of darkness. Are you tired of feeling like a victim and being overwhelmed by spiritual attacks? With the Unleash Blueprint, you'll learn how to break free from bad habits, generational curses, and destructive cycles. Through four action-packed modules, you'll discover the keys to intimacy with the Father, effective prayer strategies, spiritual warfare tactics, and the path to deliverance and freedom. In addition to the comprehensive program, you'll gain access to a private community of like-minded sisters, engage in community fasts, and receive valuable bonuses, including Voxer access, 1:1 strategy sessions, and membership in the Unleash Society. Don't let the enemy hold you back any longer – unleash your true spiritual potential with the Unleash Blueprint.

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Faithpreneur Breakthrough Session

The Faithpreneur Breakthrough Session is a focused 1:1 coaching session designed to address your specific challenges and provide you with actionable strategies for success. In this transformative 1-hour session, we will dive deep into the issues you're facing in your personal and business life, and together, we will develop targeted solutions to help you overcome them. With the guidance of the Father and the Holy Spirit, we will tap into divine wisdom and provide you with clarity and direction on your path.

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